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pre need funeral sales scripts

Imagine this: Your funeral home creates a flawless, stupidly simple way for families to research, browse and even plan their funeral, right from your website. Everything they need to know is right there for them. I know, the idea of not talking to your families on the phone or having them come into your funeral home is scary.

Your families have changed, too. And guess what? You might be asking yourself how I could possibly be drawing such a strange parallel between purchasing eyeglasses and planning a funeral. Did my eyes really get that much worse? Do I really need to do all of these extra tests that add hundreds of dollars to my exam? Are polarized transition lenses and spring hinges truly that important to the quality of my glasses? When I was purchasing my glasses the other day, I realized that my intimidation and confusion on purchasing glasses is likely how many consumers feel about planning a funeral.

Sure, planning a funeral is admittedly more important and involves a great deal more of emotions. But, again, for the sake of my point here, just stay with me while I highlight four ideas on making pre-planning simple for you and your families:.

I could try 5 pairs of glasses for 5 days, for free?

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With no pressure to purchase? AND for every pair purchased, a pair would be distributed to someone in need?

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What if you could show your potential families a way to pre-plan their services in a one-step process, too? Imagine this: Your funeral home website running an ad on Facebook that shows your beautiful memorial garden or the cemetery with a title and ad copy that focuses on a celebration rather than a loss. Once they click on it, they land on a resource hub that is as visually pleasing as it is informative. Use inspirational marketing to entice them and break the ice, and the rest will fall into place.

pre need funeral sales scripts

All I had to do was choose 5 of my favorite frames online, and give Warby Parker my address, name and email. Within two business days, I had this nicely branded package sitting on my door step. Included in the package was the 5 pairs of glasses, a shipping label to send them back when I was ready, and a postcard-like piece of paper that instructed me to write notes about my favorites.One impactful way to share this story is to host a community presentation at your funeral business.

Hosting a community presentation helps you leverage your skills to share the benefits of prearranging. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you plan a presentation. In order to ensure good attendance at your presentation, promote your event early and often through communications that reach your intended audience in meaningful ways.

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Make use of your funeral home social media channels and funeral home blog to explain the benefits of attending the event. For example, you could create a video in which presenters share a preview of what participants can expect from the presentation, and post it on your social media pages. Reach out to local groups whose members may be interested in attending and make a relevant case for why the event is worthwhile.

You can also issue a press release to local media to share details about your event and ensure it is included in community event calendars. Many community presentation events include a social component, such as a light lunch, which helps the participants feel comfortable in the setting. This also allows you to introduce yourself to each participant personally and learn more about their needs.

At the beginning of the presentation, affirm that beginning a conversation about memorialization is an important first step, even if it may be uncomfortable to discuss. Outline the goals of the presentation in your introduction so participants can consider how the points in your presentation apply to them. Include these stories in your presentation as compelling testimonials about what an important gift prearranging can be.

As you share stories about families who have experienced the benefits of advance funeral planning, encourage personal reflection by asking rhetorical questions.

This will invite the participants to consider how prearranging could help them and their families. When you reach natural breaking points in your presentation, invite participants to ask you questions before continuing. You most likely already have a process in place to follow up with families you have served and have discovered how valuable this feedback can be.

pre need funeral sales scripts

Gathering survey feedback about what elements were successful and what could be improved will help you become more efficient and effective at future events. Beyond gathering feedback, be sure to show your appreciation to the people who attended the event. For example, if a person asked an astute question at your presentation, acknowledge this and offer to provide additional information about the topic if applicable.

The kit, which is available in English and Spanish, centers on a video presentation that features real stories from people who have experienced the benefits of advance funeral planning. It includes materials to help you plan, promote and deliver your presentation in a manner that will resonate with participants. It also includes discussion guides and evaluation forms to help you gather feedback on the program. To learn more about this kit, contact your Homesteaders account executive.Pre-need Sales Prospecting vs.

It's a constant balancing act that every Advance Funeral Planning Professionals must master in order to survive and flourish in the funeral pre-planning profession. Spend too much time in one area and ultimately your income suffers. Every day it's a continuous struggle, pulling you in two diverse directions. What can you do to keep your sales prospecting and sales presenting activities in harmony and balance? Here are some constructive suggestions that will help you. Search Search this site:.

Current Poll. Create new account Request new password. Pre-need sales Prospecting vs. Set aside a minimum of two hours each day for pre-need sales prospecting. Preferably in the morning from am to am. Turn off e-mail and your "personal cell phone". They will inevitably be a source of interruption and cause you to not be fully focused and be successful in your sales prospecting efforts.

Stay focused on reaching and talking with prospects that are likely to grant you a pre-need sales presentation appointment.

Use the time wisely, don't waste it by idle chitchat with co-workers, reading the newspaper, surfing the internet, drinking coffee or anything else that keeps you from making telephone calls where permissible under FTC- Do Not Call regulations or contact go by's to see your client's in person This specific prospecting time should not be used for written correspondence.

There is ample time for all of those activities at a later time. Do not use the am to pm time corridor for anything other than. Seeing client's face to face.

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Attempting to talk with client's via telephone or through a go by. Returning urgent telephone calls from client's or prospects. Other lead prospecting activities, such as working a booth at a community event, giving speaking engagements, networking, etc.

Set your first pre-need sales appointment for around am, when possible. Then schedule additional appointments throughout the day up to pm in the evening. There is no good reason you should not be able to conduct a minimum of 4 sales presentation appointments between am and pm Schedule your sales presentation appointments so you have ample time between appointments to: 1.

Drive to your next appointment and arrive on time. Collect your thoughts and be mentally fresh for the next sales presentation 3. Straighten up your presentation materials and get fresh paperwork together. Return any urgent telephone calls and or sales inquiries that need immediate attention.We work together so that all of our programs reflect the unique brand and message of your funeral home.

And we stay with you every step of the way, through each phase of our programs. See below to find out what you can expect with PFP on your side. Our partnership begins with a demographic analysis of your market to help us better understand your community and the motivations that lie behind the decision to pre-plan.

After studying your service area, we work with you to develop a customized marketing approach. All materials utilized are customized to reflect your image, your values, and your message. We track and measure every aspect of your marketing campaign and give you reports along the way, so together we can see what is working for you and what is resonating with families. For more than a century, families have turned to Homesteaders for reliable preneed funeral funding and sincePFP has trusted Homesteaders as our partner in preneed.

Not only is Homesteaders a premier player in the preneed marketplace, their sole focus is on preneed. They have an unwavering commitment to funeral homes and families across the country and to preserving the value of funeral service for years to come. Learn More. Softtouch Navcare. When you partner with PFP, it truly is a partnership.

Research and Development Our partnership begins with a demographic analysis of your market to help us better understand your community and the motivations that lie behind the decision to pre-plan. Customization and Implementation After studying your service area, we work with you to develop a customized marketing approach.

Our Approach

Measuring and Reporting We track and measure every aspect of your marketing campaign and give you reports along the way, so together we can see what is working for you and what is resonating with families. Our Trusted Funding Partner.Pre-planning your own funeral is a great way to take some of the pressure off your loved ones when the time comes for them to deal with your loss.

pre need funeral sales scripts

To many, pre-paying for a funeral before one is needed pre-need seems like a sensible idea; however, pre-paying arrangements can also be laden with difficulties, so it's important to make these types of arrangements with caution. When you're funeral planning, you should consider basic cost management. Few people know that you can shop around for caskets and monuments to find wide variation in prices.

Online resources are a great research tool. You may discover that many of the services and materials considered to be 'basic funeral costs' e. Pre-planning a funeral allows you time to think rationally about funeral purchases. Inflation affects just about everything, and funerals are no exception. Industry statistics show that the cost of a traditional funeral doubles every ten to twelve years.

Kind. Knowledgeable. Professional.

Therefore it's important to remember that the budget you work out while you're planning your funeral today, might not be applicable at the time of your death - especially if you're planning early for your funeral.

You also need to be aware that some costs cannot be anticipated, so give yourself a margin if you can. Sorting through unexpected costs in addition to inflation could actually turn a funeral into more of a burden for the bereaved than paying for a funeral in the traditional way.

Some funeral homes do offer a guaranteed price plan; but, while advantageous, there may still be some costs not covered in the agreement. Consider using an attorney to help iron out the details of a pre-need trust agreement. Clearly decide on the funeral and cemetery services you want, and then sign a contract that stipulates and fully describes those services. Allow someone else to be involved in the process so that in the event of your death everyone knows that arrangements have been made.

Some of the most cautious consumer advocacy groups offer this last word on pre-need: it's very advisable to pre-plan and it's inadvisable to pre-pay.

Pre-Need Funerals

There are a number of payment arrangements you can make, but the main goal in planning your own funeral is to ease the burden on your loved ones once you're gone; so make sure to avoid the pre-pay pitfalls that can cause them unnecessary stress. Pre-Need Funerals Thinking ahead about your funeral Pre-planning your own funeral is a great way to take some of the pressure off your loved ones when the time comes for them to deal with your loss.

There are several different methods for pre-paying for your funeral. These include:. Advertiser Links for funeral planning [ what's this?I work for SCI currently. It is a sales position, I had never been in sales before, so it takes getting used to. I care about the people I serve, the families I meet with before, during and after the service. I often visit with many of the families who have buried a loved one.

Most of them are elderly and have little family left, so I always check on them, meet with them, take them to lunch, pick up a banana, put salt down on their walkways, do them little favors, and last week I paid a bill for someone in financial stress. The people who work for dignity in my building care about the families greatly. Lasting relationships are built with so many families for generations when you truly care about them.

I knew plenty of privately owned and family businesses with their own set of problems, financial, legal etc. Reading through some of these reviews, I can pick out the disgruntled employees. Do I like everything about a sales position? Do I know what it takes to run a funeral home?

Holidays, weekends, nights, days, kids birthdays, anniversaries etc etc. Our doors never close completely and the phones are always answered. That takes an incredible amount of staff to work. It would be nice to know if when you sign a contract with yall the prices depriciate.

Had paid For catering on contract for food to be served at funeral home. Caters know show said they would refund money and only refunded Had to tell guest to come back to the widows house which was not planed that way.Written by Jacob Terranova. Interested in updating your website? Call or fill out the form below to request a free demonstration! Both preneed and at-need marketing require a fundamentally different approach to reaching your client families.

One is about searching for families preneedthe other is about making it easy for families to search for you at-need. So how can your funeral home easily do both?

In a perfect world, all your client families would be preneed. Think of the time, money, and stress they would be saving. Understanding the reasons people put off planning can help you tailor your strategy, and maybe even change some minds. The method of generating leads depends on a lot of factors, so how you do so comes down to what works best for your funeral home.

And who better to learn persuasion from than the man who basically wrote the book on it — Aristotle. Sound familiar?

Funeral home markups and upselling: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace)

The left side is the one that listens to facts and logic, and the right craves emotional connections and vivid storytelling. When you marry the two in your message, your preplanning persuasion is that much stronger. Your email address will not be published. The Great Divide: Preneed vs. At-Need Both preneed and at-need marketing require a fundamentally different approach to reaching your client families.

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Preneed: Reaching Out In a perfect world, all your client families would be preneed. Money is tight for a lot of people.

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a funeral. Lack of knowledge. For others, the thought of death is something they simply want to avoid.

Just cremate me. This is a growing attitude latelybut there is so much more to cremation than most people realize. What happens to the ashes after cremation?

What about a memorial service for your friends and family? Planning ahead can easily answer those questions. Here are some ways to establish Ethos: Show your expertise. Earn their trust by showing them you know what you are talking about. Use language your families will understand. Make yourself available to families. Whether through phone or website, make sure families have access to you and resources to answer any questions along the way.

Here are ways to persuade with Pathos: Highlight the emotional value preplanning can bring. As humans, we naturally relate to people better when the stories are more than just facts and figures. Be authentic. Show them you are there to simply help. Finally, here are a few tactics to approach Logos: Make sure your message is easy for families to follow.

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